SUNDAY SERVICE 10.30am every week - come and join us!


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What to Expect on a Sunday

Cornerstone Church is a church formed by the goodness and grace of Jesus and we exist to love God and share that love with each other and be a blessing to the people and communities around us.

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At Cornerstone Church we gather together each Sunday at 10:30am. At our Sunday Services we are reminded of the good news of the Gospel as we hear from God’s word. We respond to and celebrate the truths of the Gospel in song, in prayer and by sharing communion.

We believe it is important for the whole church to come together to be encouraged in the Gospel, to be reminded of God’s grace toward us and to be equipped and sent out on mission to reach our communities with the Gospel.

What about kids?

If you have children, we have both creche and junior church available during the service. Check-In for Kid's Church starts 15 minutes before each service. We ask that you sign your child in at the check-in table, which is through the entrance on Olivedale Road, and walk them to their classroom. During the service, we have age-specific groups where your children can go and learn about Jesus through Bible stories and other activities. Your children are welcome to join us for the songs at the end of the service. For more information on our kids work, click here.

What should I wear?

We believe Jesus doesn't judge by our outside appearance, but instead looks at what is in our heart and our response to him so we don't have an expectation that you should dress in a certain way. Our services are full of regular people and you will receive a warm welcome when you arrive. 

What is communion?

During our services we share communion together. Communion is a way in which we remember and celebrate what Jesus did for us through his death and resurrection. We eat bread together as it reminds us of Jesus body which he gave for us. We drink wine (or juice!) together to remind us of Jesus blood which was shed for us. By Jesus death and resurrection we believe that if we put our faith and trust in him, we are forgiven for our rejection of God which the Bible calls sin. If you can say you have put your faith and trust in Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, then we would love you to join us in communion. 

Will I be expected to do anything?

Our meetings are laid-back and friendly and we don't assume that people have been to church before. We are just happy that you would come and spend time with us. You can join in with as much as you feel comfortable with. The person leading the service will explain why we do certain things e.g. singing, prayer, communion. 

Our Sunday Services aren’t the only time we meet together. We emphasise the importance of being a part of one of our Gospel Communities. Head over to our Connect page for more information about Gospel Communities.

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our great city and to Cornerstone Church!