SUNDAYS We are now meeting all together for one service each week at 10.30am - come and join us!

Bolder - Cornerstone Youth

If you're aged between 10 - 14 then Bolder is your connection into Cornerstone Liverpool.

Bolder is Cornerstone's weekly midweek youth ministry for young people in Year 7 and up. We meet together to chat, have fun, pray, read and study the Bible together. We know that the pre-teen and teen years are difficult to navigate and our aim at Bolder is to ground young people in Scripture. As they find their identity in Christ, our hope is that they take their redeemed identities into their schools and homes as well.

We also try to support parents in raising their teens in a godly way. As we build into the church family, we encourage our young people to also find their place in a Gospel Community. We want to see young people loving Jesus and loving the wider fellowship of the church.

Covid-19 social event

Meetings take place weekly on Monday evenings, with a meal and study time spent together as a group. Regular social activities also take place to help our young people build strong relationships with each other. At the current time with Covid-19 restrictions in place the group has been meeting virtually for the past few months, but are due to start meeting in the church building towards the end of September. If you would like further information about Bolder, you can fill in the form below or email us on We'd love to hear from you!

Please fill out the form, using the button below, in order to sign your kid(s) up to Bolder. Please note that we require a form per child.