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About Us

Who we are, what we believe and where we're headed.

Our Story

Ramilies Road Church was planted in the early 1930s, through the prayers of two faithful men who wanted to see a Gospel witness in and around the Penny Lane area of Liverpool. In the early 1980s students and young families that made up much of the church began to move and become part of new churches that were being planted in the city. This coincided with a growing reluctance by some within Ramilies to change along with the culture and community around them. As a result this saw a rapid decline in numbers, and by 2008 all the young families had left and a small core of only 15-20 people remained. This core was made up of faithful, Jesus-loving people and a small number of people that were blocking any change, or movement forward. The church was in a situation where they (in their own words) 'were burying more than they were baptising'. This caused the three elders at the time, three humble, gospel men to put into place a process to deal with the situation, so they began to pray, speak with others and explore different options.

In November 2009, Steve and Sian Robinson and their kids, along with a team of 15 people from different churches partnered with the people at Ramilies Road Church to replant what is now known as Cornerstone Church. Since that time we have seen lots of change and gospel growth. A number of people have come to Christ and a number have come back to him. We average over 200, including children, each week in our Sunday gathering and have seen three churches planted across Merseyside.