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Dovedale Building Working Groups

Our Dovedale Road building needs a lot of work...can you help?!

Now that we own the new home for Cornerstone Church Liverpool on Dovedale Road, we want to take some steps forward to enable the required renovations to bring the building into a state that is fit for our purposes and a blessing to our church family and community. Part of this process is bringing the garden areas back under control to ensure the exterior is well maintained and cared for, as well as getting the interior cleared out of things we don't need before contractors start work on restoring and repairing the building.

This is where members of the Cornerstone family can get involved. We are going to set up small teams of people (up to 6 people to fit with current Covid-19 restrictions) to work under the direction and supervision of a team leader. The team leaders will be equipped and experienced in the areas of work needing to be focused on, and they will subsequently ensure that any volunteer members of the teams are trained up and understand the jobs being done.

We are starting the first session by focusing on getting the garden areas back to a maintainable state. by holding a working session on Saturday 19th September between 11am and 1pm. There will be two teams of people working on two separate roads, each with a team leader and therefore we need 10 volunteers to work within these teams. In order to sign up to help out during this session, please can you read the attached risk assessment and then complete the sign up form, ticking the box to agree to abide by the risk assessment guidance.

In addition to the attached documents, we also need to ensure that Covid-19 guidelines are followed, so we will be providing hand sanitiser and masks (masks are only required for internal works, although you are welcome to wear one externally if you would like to) and reminding team members to socially distance whilst working in or around the building. By checking the box in the form below to sign up, you are also agreeing to abide by these guidelines and measures.