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Dovedale Building Working Groups

Our Dovedale Road building needs a lot of work...can you help?!

Now that we own the new home for Cornerstone Church Liverpool on Dovedale Road, we want to take some steps forward to enable the required renovations to bring the building into a state that is fit for our purposes and a blessing to our church family and community. Part of this process is bringing the garden areas back under control to ensure the exterior is well maintained and cared for, as well as getting the interior cleared out of things we don't need before contractors start work on restoring and repairing the building.

This is where members of the Cornerstone family can get involved. We are going to set up small teams of people (up to 6 people to fit with current Covid-19 restrictions) to work under the direction and supervision of a team leader. The team leaders will be equipped and experienced in the areas of work needing to be focused on, and they will subsequently ensure that any volunteer members of the teams are trained up and understand the jobs being done.

The next two working groups we are running are focused on the back hall section of the building - clearing some of the furniture out of the hall therefore enabling the removal of the wooden stage from in the same room. We have two new dates on which we would like to have volunteers along to help:

1.    17th October (Sat) 10am-1pm. We need volunteers to help clear out furniture, old curtains etc. from the back hall. This is generally unskilled work, and although a little strength is helpful(!) the biggest quality we need in volunteers is a willingness to get stuck in! Along with physically removing the furniture from the building, it would be really helpful if there were some volunteers able to load items into their cars and take them to one of the local waste disposal sites (e.g. Otterspool) as we can't get van permits for use at the waste disposal centres currently, and skips cost a lot of money!

2.    24th October (Sat) 9am-5pm (or a slot within this time - please specify the time you can give in the comment section of the form). This is the day the stage removal will take place, and although we have a small skilled team set up to do this job, we would really benefit from having some extra labourers around to help us sort out and move the waste items from the stage to where they need to go.

In terms of how these working groups fit in in relation to current Covid-19 restrictions locally, we have researched the guidance extensively and are confident this work can still take place with the social distancing, mask wearing and sanitiser using measures in place throughout the working group sessions. By checking the box in the form below to sign up, you are agreeing to abide by these Covid-19 guidelines and measures as well as the relevant risk assessment guidelines.