Life at Cornerstone as a student

Life at Cornerstone as a student by Heather Jones:
Cornerstone Church played a significant role throughout my 3 years at university. It enabled me to settle in a lot faster and has made my time in Liverpool so much more precious. I felt so welcomed and included when I joined in my first year, and since then I have been really invested in. It’s a church that has a genuine love for students and the CU, with a desire for our generation to grow in faith and maturity as part of the wider Christian community, and to be used for Gods purposes. 
I have loved being a part of the church’s family-based community, in which I have been able to serve others and get a picture of the realities of post-graduation life, in seeing how people cope with struggles at work, how couples handle their marriage, how a mum juggles life with a new baby, and how a large family stays so involved in the life of the church. When I started attending Cornerstone, I joined one of the Gospel Communities, which was at the very least a welcome break from the horrors of student accommodation and cuisine! But much more than that, an opportunity to spend quality time with more mature Christians on different walks of life, sharing what God is doing in each other’s lives, and engaging together in scripture and in prayer. One of the things I learned from being in such a close-knit community was the value of sharing in the rawness of life, pointing one another to Jesus and bearing one another’s burdens, the gospel changes the way we live and how we relate to each other. 
I have benefitted greatly from attending a church with clear, gospel-centred biblical teaching. This was important to me as a student as I sought to live out my faith in a culture that seems to be becoming increasingly hostile towards Christianity. It also set me up for life beyond graduation as I continue to face big decisions and challenges whilst seeking to encourage others and stay rooted in the gospel.