Tuesday Refocus

21 October 2014

'Whenever we assume that art mediates God’s presence or causes Him to be tangible, we have begun the trek into idol territory.' - Harold Best

We’ve either heard it, or said it: ‘the music really ushered in the presence of God this morning.’ I cringe even thinking about the number of times that’s been said to me, or the number of times I’ve believed it to be true. Yes, music can move us – especially for those of us that are artists, musicians and creatives – it has a unique ability to stir our spirits and emotions. But good music does not bring in God’s presence anymore than bad music keeps His presence from breaking through.
Scripture tells us that there is only One mediator between God and man [and much to the blow of the musician’s ego] it’s not music that is the mediator – it’s Jesus (1 Tim 2:5).
The reality for believers is that we are carriers of God’s presence daily. And as we gather together as the people of God, God is already in our midst. There is no amount of music, singing, preaching, praying or fellowship that makes God MORE present – He is fully present, always. We may be more AWARE of His presence in a particular morning, word, song, service or situation, but let’s not elevate and idolize those moments as a truer or more authentic or pure time of worship.
As a team, let’s be people who rely on the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth (Jn 16:13) to a deeper understanding of who God is and what He’s done. Fully aware of the fact it’s that truth – Jesus – that mediates God’s presence, not our songs.
Smashing idols together,

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