Tuesday Refocus

17 March 2015

‘Success is focusing on what God is passionate about and using your gifts and passions to join Him in what He is already doing.’ – Louie Giglio 

We can have all of the hopes, dreams, plans and vision for the future that our hearts and minds can hold – but if ‘success’ looks like anything other than using our whole lives to make much of Jesus, then what a small, pithy waste.

The world says: ‘this is all there is’ so build, grab, store and enjoy everything that you can now, because nothing other than being in the moment matters. But as believers our perspective is different. We live our lives with kingdom eyes. A life lived in view eternity should always look different than a life lived only for the moment – like we’ve been hearing throughout Luke 12 (v7, v21, v22-23, v31, etc)

So if we’re to live in light of eternity in a world that is fleeting, where do we invest our time, energy and resources? We pour ourselves into the things that God Himself is passionate about! Wondering what that is? The old Sunday School answer works here, the answer is: God! God is passionate about His own glory and His own Kingdom (Is 42:8, 44:645:5)!

God is already working in and through His people. He certainly does not need us to ‘speed up the process,’ ‘be useful,’ or to accomplish anything that He sets out. But we get the immense privilege of joining Him in His work.

And if we’re a team that leads corporate sung worship like what we’re doing has any weight, any opportunity to build into the kingdom; we will desire to work hard, to serve well, graciously and generously give of our time, serving with grateful, humble hearts, quick to repent when we feel pricks to our ego, be ‘we’ more than ‘me,’ seek to serve, bless, challenge, encourage and equip one another as a team, and intentionally and whole-heartedly run after lifting up the name that is above every name.

If we’re honest, we all want to live forever. We all want to feel like we’ve made a difference. We all want to leave a legacy that outlasts our time here on this earth. And for the believer – that is a reality… But only when we seek to build His kingdom, not our own, because His kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom that does not fade or perish (Ps 145:13)! So as you lead worship from behind a microphone, instrument, or sound desk, from the crowd, with your family, with your non-christian friends, in work and in your down time, always ask yourself: who’s kingdom am I building here?

For His kingdom,


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