Tuesday Refocus

14 July 2015

‘In the temple and presence and worship of God, everything is worthless that is not pervaded by a deep, true humility toward God and men.’ – Andrew Murray

Servant leadership is not a light switch to flip on when you are playing in the band, and flip off when you are not. It is the continual choice of those who seek to serve as Christ Himself served (Phil 2). Because when we see God for who He is, the natural response is whole-life-surrendering worship (Ps 8, Is 6:1-8).

We bow low.

We are humbled.

And it is from that low surrendered humility we serve God’s people.

Service does not come first, worship comes first.

And when worship comes first and service is the response, service itself is in fact worship to God (Rom 12, Eph 6:7, Col 3:23)! And so begins the circle of worship and response, worship and response, worship and response. Let your service be from worship, let your worship fuel your service, for God’s glory and our good – there is no other way to be servant leaders.

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