Tuesday Refocus

11 November 2014

‘Abandon the secret chamber and the spiritual life will decay.’ – Isaac Watts
‘God first seeks devotion to Him in the hidden place – worship when no one else is watching.’ – Matt Redman
‘Of all things, guard against neglecting God in the secret place of prayer.’ –William Wilberforce

Worship is not a light switch we turn on and off. For those of us that lead in sung worship, we have to guard against putting on the ‘now I’m leading, so now I’m worshiping’ hat. We’ve all heard ‘worship is more than a song, a style, a service, music,’ on and on and on. But the question is, do we actually live like we believe that is true? Do we live like we are people constantly worshiping? Do we worship intentionally outside of our gathered time on Sunday?

I used three quotes to show that this is not a new idea – three different men, from three different generations expressing the same heart: worship first begins outside of our gathered time on a Sunday. As we were reminded and challenged during our worship team meeting last week, there must be personal worship (reading, praying, fellowship, accountability, repentance, faith, singing, etc) long before we stand in front of people on a Sunday.

Worship begins with revelation – God reveals, we respond. If we are not asking, and seeking God to reveal Himself to us daily – then we have nothing from which to respond. And if worship is more than a song that we’re leading, how can we lead people towards something we ourselves have not first sought after?

Our own personal times of worship fuel what happens on Sundays – grow our understanding, knowledge, communion with and experience of God that spills out as we seek to lead people to the same God who has revealed Himself to us (through His Spirit) throughout the week.

My hope and prayer is that what would be true of our team is what the Psalmist declared in Psalm 84 – that our hearts and souls would long after the courts of the Lord (vs 2), that our hearts would long to know and experience His presence daily – because one day in God’s courts are better than 1000 days elsewhere (vs 10).

Leading together from the secret place,

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