Prayer in an anxious culture

March 3, 2019 Speaker: Steve Robinson Series: Disciples - Making sense of the World

 Who do we pray to? What are we to pray? How do we pray? What does prayer produce?

Points and passages from Sundays message


Who do we pray to?

  • God Almighty - Rev 4:8-11

  • God our Father - Matt 6:6, 7:9-11

  • God our friend - Ps 25:14


What are we to pray?

  • Matthew 6:9-13

  • V9 His everlasting Glory

  • V10 His eternal will

  • V11 Our present

  • V12 Our past

  • V13 Our future


How do we pray?

  • With honesty regarding who we are Matt 6:5-8

  • With honesty regarding whats going on Ps 62:8

  • With the help of God who does it with us Romans 8:26


What does prayer produce?

  • Peace of God Phil 4:4-7



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